I am a lot of things- a christian, a wife, a step mom, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a niece, an aunt, and a food nerd. I live in a small town in West Texas. I am very happily married and love spending time with my family. I like to research food and it’s effects on my health. I like to garden, scrapbook, read, cook, and love music!
This blog is going to be about my life experiences.  I am not a doctor.  All information posted here is just my opinion…

Here’s the man that has stood beside me for the past 17 years!

Image (28)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. As your mother I can attest to the difference in your well being and health. After 14 years of medical doctors, tests, drugs, and surgeries YOU have fixed yourself by researching and learning everything you can get your hands on! Between YOU and GOD your health is restored and life is wonderful!!! Big thanks to Kelly for sticking it out with you!!! Thanks to GOD for your Christian guy!!! Blessings! Love you more!


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