Another piece to my puzzle. . .

JuicePlus has been another piece to my puzzle. Check out the video:  

Here’s a link to get more information about JuicePlus.


Homemade laundry detergent and dryer balls

Image (23)

I love this homemade detergent.  This is the recipe I use:

This is good for HE washers.  It’s also a great gift!  A little goes a long way.

Image (24)

I made wool balls to use instead of dryer sheets.


Image (36)

Here’s my mom bringing in all of the loot from the garden! If you can, have a garden.  We really enjoyed the food all year long. You can see squash, green beans, black eyed peas, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers.

Image (35)

This is a salad with grilled steak and homemade dressing or I use the following dressing:

Image (25)

Image (34)

Scrambled eggs with homemade pico de gallo and turkey bacon. ; )

Image (33)

Homemade chili.  I added purple potatoes. Super Yummy!!

Image (32)

My favorite!! Tomatoes are sooooo yummy!

Image (27)

Lettuce wraps-  I put turkey or ham and tomatoes and mustard on the lettuce. I prefer Applegate Farms for lunch meat.

Image (26)

Enchiladas- grass fed beef, gluten free corn tortilla(a cheat for me) and gluten free enchilada sauce with 2 fried eggs on top!

Image (22)

This is THE BEST PIZZA ever!  I have tried a million different recipes (yuck on cauliflower) and this one is by far the best!  This has Applegate Farms pepperoni, tomatoes, peppers, and good healthy cheese. I do not put sauce on here because it makes it soggy.  If you want sauce, save it for dipping.

Image (13)

Here’s the crust! I don’t mix cheese in the crust.

Image (19)

This is my salad in a jar.  This is from a pint sized jar.  These will last about 7 days in the fridge.  Here’s what I put in and the order I put it: tomatoes seasoned with MCCormick’s Montreal Steak, banana peppers (pickled or fresh),  Applegate farms lunch meat or roasted chicken, boiled eggs, carrots, purple onion, celery, green peas, and lettuce.  I like to fill the jar about 1/2 full with “stuff” then fill the rest of the way with lettuce.  I add dressing later.

Image (18)\

This is my favorite little helper.  Peyton, my niece, loves to help me in the kitchen! ; )

Image (17)

Another chili- I added sweet potatoes, carrots,  and zucchini. ; )

Image (16)

This is zucchini noodles and shrimp.  I cooked the noodles and shrimp in butter and garlic.  It is super yummy!

Image (15)

Fried chicken!  Cooked in olive oil and battered in brown rice flour.  Super yummy!!

Image (10)

Fresh yummy honey, from my aunt and uncle, in hot green and white tea!

Image (9)

Yummy chicken and vegetables! I use coconut aminos, garlic,  and butter to saute chicken and onions.  Then I add any fresh veggie I can get my hands on. LOVE!

Image (8)

Homemade salsa with Beanitos! These chips are so yummy and full of protein.  They are made out of beans.

Image (7)

These are the purple potatoes that I love!  United grocery orders them for me.  I love this pasta.

Image (5)

Another yummy lunch.  I have a tiny little crock pot that I heat my lunch in.  This is just beans, meat and pico.

Image (4)

Grilled salmon, shrimp and asparagus.  I also eat as many tomatoes and peppers as I can!

Image (3)

More beans and meat.  I cook a crock pot of red beans and add 1 lb of hamburger and Rotel.

Image (1)

My go to breakfast! Scrambled eggs and pico!!

Image (6)

In the event I am in a bind and can’t transport meals,  I eat a thinkThin bar.  When I make cookies I use these chocolate chips.

These cookies are a life saver for me!  I keep them in the freezer.

I keep all of my favorite stuff on Pinterest! Follow my Paleo board.  If the recipes on there aren’t 100% gluten free they are at least easy to sub stuff in for.

Before and Now

Image (30)

The top left picture was me at my biggest.  I was taking steroids everyday and feeling yucky.  The bottom left was me when I started to eat gluten free and sugar free. The picture on the right is me now!  I feel sooooo much better.

The Road to Recovery

The next day my husband and I completely removed all gluten from our house.  I got rid of a few different appliances and cleaned my entire kitchen from top to bottom.  Within 2 weeks of not eating gluten I felt about 80% better. AHHMAAZINGGGG  I started reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.  I read Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.  Then I started reading everything I could get my hands on and watching every food documentary I could find.  So far my favorite food documentaries have been: Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Supersize Me, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Fast Food Nation, and Fed Up!

Fast forward to June 2014.  I was sitting at about 85% better.  I was off all of my prescriptions except for hormone replacement therapy.  I was still suffering from sinus infections, joint pain, and I was unable to lose weight. A friend of mine told me about a doctor that she had seen in Lubbock, TX. Dr. Ben Edwards is a functional medicine doctor.  After visiting his practice in Lubbock, my life has changed forever… Head on over to his website and check it out.

I now follow the BALi diet. You can find the info at :

This is the diet I follow 99% of the time! In the first 42 days I did not eat any fruit, grains, or honey.  I lost 22 pounds in that short time and lost 75% of my joint pain.

From Zero to Hero!

I have been thinking for a week about how to start this and I can’t decide, so I’m just jumping in.  I am writing this to tell my story about how I went from being super sick to feeling a ton better. If anything in here helps someone from going through what I did, then it’s worth it.  I am sharing the health history in order to show you where I have come from.

It all started for me in 2000.  I started having stomach issues, headaches and just plain ole’ feeling crummy.  I went to the doctor (just my primary medical physician) and started taking meds…  Jump forward to 2012…by this time I had had 4 surgeries (abdominal search, hysterectomy, ovaries removed and intestinal tie-up).  I was taking about 20 different prescription pills a day. I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I  was having a hard time functioning, to say the least.

I had been to doctors in Midland, Lubbock, San Angelo, Abilene, Big Spring, and Ft. Worth.  I was prescribed  Prednisone,  Nexium, Dexilant, Toprol, Topomax, Flagyl, Levaquin, Rocephin, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…. Over the course of the 12 years I had been prescribed just about everything.  I was also told by one doctor that I was not really sick, but just depressed. I suffered from excessive heart rate, migraines, 9-12 sinus infections a year, arthritis, heartburn, constant yeast infections, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, seasonal allergies, and constant stomach pain that caused vomiting and diarrhea. I lost all of my hair and my face was huge from steroids.   I had undergone 4 colonscopies, 4 upper GI’s, multiple swallow studies, ct scans, x-rays, 3 MRI’s, more trips to the ER than I can count,  blah, blah, blah…  I had broken 3 of the tiny bones in my foot (because if the steroids I was on for so long) and had undergone multiple injections for pain.  I had been diagnosed with MRSA and undergone multiple rounds of meds to heal my foot.  When it wouldn’t heal I was sent to the wound care center to have it scraped.  I had been diagnosed with bursitis in my hips. Steroid injections were used for pain.

All of these doctor bills take a huge toll on you financially and my husband and I were both working multiple jobs to try and get everything paid for.  I am very thankful that my husband has stuck by my side for all of the sickness.  It has been a rough ride, but we are stronger for it. Thank you Lord!

In December of 2012 my primary care physician told me he didn’t know what else to do.  I got myself into a specialist at a major hospital in Ft. Worth in January as a last ditch effort.  My mother, husband, and I headed that way.  I underwent 2 days of testing at that hospital.  After my last procedure a nurse that had been in the operating room with me came by and told my mother that I did not have Crohn’s disease.  She told my mother and husband that I probably had celiac disease. By this time in my sickness my mother had asked for everyone we knew to pray for me.  My mother and I believe that Jesus was working through that lady to send me this news.  The next day I started getting better…